A Wizarding World Halloween 2022

Attention Witches and Wizards!

Have You Seen These Wizards 2022 After 12 nights in a row including Halloween night, our Wizarding World Halloween grand totals were 3752 visitors over 12 nights and over $5800 for Give Kids the World Village, so with our match we reached our $10,000 goal!!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated so generously! Your Halloween cheer spread all the way to Orlando!

To celebrate Halloween 2022, we temporarily materialized some of our favorite magical locations from London and Hogwarts School to San Jose! (fully intending to return these locations back to their proper places after the holidays.)

We invited everyone to come join us and prepare to:

Leaky Cauldron Bartender

Visit the Leaky Cauldron and taste some butterbeer
Casting Spells in Diagon Alley

Receive your wand from Ollivanders and cast some spells
Strolling Down Diagon Alley

Stroll down Diagon Alley and browse your favorite shops
The Sorting Hat

Sit beneath the Sorting Hat and accept your House insignia
Discover the Friendly Forest

Explore the Friendly Forest and discover some fantastic beasts

Knockturn Alley

Over 12 nights, a grand total of 3752 visitors experienced this FREE family-friendly event...although only the most fearless witches and wizards dared to venture down Knockturn Alley...

More videos will be coming soon to our Halloween 2022 playlist

Thank You for Supporting Our Fundraiser

Eerie Elegance with Give Kids The World Our grand totals for our Wizarding World Halloween and Christmas in Diagon Alley together are 5410 guests visiting over 19 nights, recycling & sanitizing the same 1000 wands with 418 left, and $15,418 raised for Give Kids the World Village®, an 84-acre, nonprofit “storybook” resort located near Central Florida’s most beloved attractions, where critically-ill children and their families are treated to week-long, cost-free dream vacations. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your Halloween AND Christmas cheer with them and with us! We can all start the new year proud of the good we have done while having fun!

Thanks to local photographer David C. Hill for strolling by and capturing such wonderful photos of everyone having fun at Halloween!

AlleyFrontIMG_0182 AlleyIMG_0174 ApothecaryIMG_0201 BackyardIMG_0186 BillywigIMG_0177 BooksIMG_0175 BrittaGlenHouseIMG_0167 ColovariaIMG_0203 CydIMG_0171 DementorsIMG_0185 DeniseActionIMG_0180 EmptyPubIMG_0169 GlenOwlsIMG_0202 GlenQuidditchKidIMG_0172 GlenSignpostIMG_0194 HagridDragonIMG_0197 HerbologyIMG_0192 HogwartsArchIMG_0189 HorcruxesIMG_0178 JenActionIMG_0168 KidsPorchIMG_0195 MMSpellsIMG_0190 piratesDavidHill-1 piratesDavidHill-2 PotionsClassIMG_0183 PotionsClassIMG_0193 QuillsIMG_0176 SilvertipIMG_0179

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About Eerie Elegance Halloween

Britta and her husband Glen are the creative couple behind Eerie Elegance. who are known for elaborate, creative Halloween displays that are fun for the whole family. Our displays and costumes have won several awards, most recently the People's Choice Award for the 2019 Santa Clara City Halloween Home Decorating Contest. Unlike many Halloween displays that emphasize shock and gore, our displays favor creative spectacles inspired by the Disney and Universal theme parks.

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