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Halloween 2016 is underway! This year the Webmistress of the Dark hosts a Victorian Halloween at Castle Brittahytta, with over 10,000 spiders crawling all over the castle! Full details here!

Halloween 2015 is now live on Britta Blvd
including the full Day of the Dead front show video!

Check out the order page for exclusive Eerie Elegance products available for 2015, like the Frightful Skull Fountain Kit!

Also available for sale are the Tower Ghost, the Watery Wraith, Merry Madam Mead, the Pumpkin Queen, the Phantom of the Pipes, Swashbuckler Sally, and Ghost In Chains video downloads, Fabric Frames, autographed copies of both books, Eerie Elegance and Enhanced Eerie Elegance, both DVDs Eerie Elegance: 13 Fabulous Frights and Enhanced Eerie Elegance: 13 Studies in Spooky Style, plus plenty of spooky fun in the Etsy shop!

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Haunted Pipe Organ
Simple SteampunkIs Halloween your favorite holiday? Love to set a spooky mood and tantalize your guests with delectable delicacies? Want your friends to be talking about your Halloween party for years to come?

Enhanced Eerie Elegance is the next essential Halloween party book! Building on ideas and concepts presented in the first Eerie Elegance book, here are new techniques from simple to advanced for enhancing your parties with a touch of spooky style that will have your guests absolutely dying to come back.

Transcend your Halloween party beyond the paranormal
to the extraordinary with ideas such as:

Carved Stone with Fortress Doors Faux Flames
Ghostly Greenery
Devilish Decorations
Gravestone Garnishes
Carved Stone Walls
Fiendish Fortress Doors
Frightful Skull Fountain
Chilling Treasure Chest
Simple Steampunk
Luminescent Laboratory Libations
Haunted Pipe Organ
More Halloween Recipes
Creepy Cuisine Contest Winners

...and many more!

Halloween enthusiasts world-wide have been downloading Britta Blvd's home-spun recipes for over a decade, and in that time author Britta Peterson has been awing party-goers with her extravagant environments. Now her newest techniques are at your fingertips with full-color photos and step-by-step instructions, finessed to match every budget and time frame. From the quick and easy to the elaborate and challenging and everything in between, you too can elevate your party with Enhanced Eerie Elegance!

Frightful Skull Fountain More Halloween Recipes

Enhanced Eerie Elegance

Ghostly Greenery

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